Hungry Harry's Home Bakers™

Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™ are individuals and families who live with food allergies and love our baking mixes. Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™ live all over the USA. They are families we've met personally at events, spoken to over the phone, or connected with through social media.

Each month we ship them seasonal support boxes filled with merchandise, baking gear, and of course - Hungry Harry’s® product! The Home Bakers create whatever they are craving, capture images throughout the process, then share their final baked good photos. This is a selection of our Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™, to see more of our baking family, follow us on social media!

Jessica and Isla Dawahare

Jessica and Isla Dawahare are an unstoppable mother/daughter duo, supported by husband and father Chris, and their pup Riesling. They are incredibly loving Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™ located in Kentucky. Jessica is a Montessori school teacher, as well as a school nurse, all while juggling Celiac Disease - she’s our hero! Isla has her own baking YouTube channel called “Baking with Isla” where she bakes goodies that are safe for her mom to eat. She will absolutely melt your heart!

Isla does not have any food allergies herself, but is her mother’s biggest supporter, advocate, and star baker. They are huge LSU college football fans and theatre geeks! Typically you can find them singing along to Hamilton while they do arts and crafts or bake in the kitchen.

The Doyle Family

Each member of the Doyle family is a Hungry Harry’s Home Baker™! Lynell and her husband, Garland, are raising their two sons, Bryson and Brenden, in Michigan. They all have had personal experiences with food allergies. Collectively, the family is allergic or intolerant to: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, gluten, coconut, and black tea. Brenden outgrew his corn allergy just a few years ago.

Both Bryson and Brenden have been playing hockey since they learned to walk and can play the piano! They both participate in tons of extra curricular activities.

The Doyles enjoy spending quality time together. Each of them loves to bake, test new products, and experiment with different recipes. You can usually find them in the kitchen laughing, eating, and enjoying one another’s company. The Doyles are a family of fierce advocates, raising awareness for food allergies, eczema, and other chronic diseases. We are so happy to know them, and even luckier that they are Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™!

Sarah Ackerman

Sarah Ackerman (aka @girlbehindthehive) is a blogger, public speaker, food allergy advocate, and a Hungry Harry’s Home Baker™ based in New York. You might recognize her from FARE events, YouTube, and her interview with Allure Magazine for their segment “How to Be Me.”

Sarah is astounding. She is 25-years-old and has had anaphylactic food allergies since 1995. Sarah is intolerant to gluten and allergic to: peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, mollusks, sesame, sulphites, mustard, celery, lupins, and many others.

When she started her food-allergy journey there were not very many people she could turn to for guidance. She believes the easiest way to handle food allergies is learning through other people’s experiences, that is why she started her blog Girl Behind the Hive. It is her personal journey navigating the world with severe, life threatening, food allergies. She is insightful, inspiring, and a joy to know!

Jake De Guzman

Jake De Guzman is an Olympic Taekwondo World Champion! He is on Team M USA. If we could list all his accomplishments and medals we would, but he has over forty-one! He also teaches a Ninja Class at his local YMCA. In addition to Jake’s vast accomplishments at such a young age, yes - he is still in high school - he’s also a food allergy advocate and a Hungry Harry’s Home Baker™. Jake is allergic to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, mollusks, and intolerant to gluten - but clearly nothing can stop him! Jake is an excellent baker and tests all sorts of recipes in his kitchen. He is an inspiration to us and everyone he meets. Jake is proof that anything is possible if you work hard, practice, and chase your dreams. You can follow Jake on social media @allergyzeal. He’s also an accomplished artist!

Adel Schneider

Adel Schneider (aka @tealdelly) is a young food allergy advocate, teen ambassador, and a 2018 FARE Vision Award Winner. Lucky for us she is also an incredible Hungry Harry’s Home Baker™!
Adel’s smile and positive attitude is so inspiring to us and many others. She is allergic to dairy and shares her journey with food allergies openly on social media. She does fun unboxing videos, adorable baking videos, discusses epipens, and spreads joy to everyone.

Adel and her parents are based in Wisconsin and spend a lot of time together baking with Hungry Harry’s®. In her free time, she hangs out with friends, plays softball, and cares for her 2 pugs Jenny and Becky, and her pet bunny, BoBo.

Natalie Perez

Natalie Perez (@_natalie__marie_) is one of our newest Hungry Harry’s Home Bakers™, but has been so supportive of this community from the moment she joined us. Her spirit and smile are incredibly welcoming. Natalie and her husband, Juan, are raising their two children in the golden state of California. Natalie, Juan, and son, Dallas - do not have any food allergies. But their youngest daughter, Penelope, is allergic to peanuts and eggs. So instead of having to make multiple meals or snacks, the whole family bakes Hungry Harry’s® together in their kitchen!

Natalie’s blog is a journey of motherhood and navigating life as a food allergy mom. She shares Hungry Harry’s recipes on her blog, YouTube channel, and social media, so be sure to give her a follow!