Valentine's Day Cake Pops - Allergy Friendly + Gluten Free + Vegan

Quick, easy, and tasty, these allergy-friendly cake pops come together in a snap!
These cake pops are the perfect way to use any leftover cake.
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Assembly Time: 10 minutes
Total Time, including inactive: 1 hour 30 minutes


For the Cake:
1 package Hungry Harry's Yellow Cake Mix or Chocolate Cake Mix
2 eggs or egg replacers
1/2 cup oil of choice
1 cup milk of choice
1/2 cup Pascha Vegan White Baking Chips
1/2 cup Pascha 55% Cacao Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips
India Tree red and yellow food coloring (optional)
Orange extract
Special equipment:
Cake pop sticks
Heart-shaped cake pop mold

How To

For the Cake:

Bake cake according to package directions in a 18" x 13" sheet pan. Cool completely in the refrigerator or freezer. Alternately, use leftover cake from another project for this recipe.

While the cake is chilling, melt your white chocolate, either over a double boiler, or in short 15 second bursts in the microwave.

Once the white chocolate is melted, if you want multiple colors, separate the melted white chocolate into two small bowls, and add your food coloring as desired.
Crumble the cake finely into a large bowl. Melt your dark chocolate and add a small spoonful at a time, mixing completely before adding more. You only need enough to just bind the cake crumbs together. Add orange extract a few drops at a time, and mix, tasting before adding more - a little goes a long way! Once your cake pop mixture is at the right consistency and flavor, set aside.
Brush the inside of the cake pop mold with one color of white chocolate, ensuring complete coating. Allow the chocolate to harden, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator, before brushing with the second color.
Push the cake mixture firmly into the mold, ensuring the crumb is packed together well. Push a cake pop stick halfway through the cake piece, and cover with more melted white chocolate.
Chill well before carefully removing the cake pops from the mold. Enjoy!