Heart-Shaped Cake Pops

Allergy Friendly + Gluten Free + Vegan


15 cake pops

Prep Time: 

30 minutes

Cook Time: 

20 minutes



These heart shaped cake pops are the perfect gift for your special Valentine! Kids love to help make and decorate these delicious treats.


For the Cake

Hungry Harry's Yellow Cake Mix or Chocolate Cake Mix (1 x 17 oz package)

2 eggs or egg replacers

1/2 cup oil of choice

1 cup milk of choice

For the Coating

1/2 cup Pascha Vegan White Baking Chips

1/2 cup Pascha 55% Cacao Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips

Color Garden allergy friendly food coloring (optional)

Orange extract

How To:

1. Bake a yellow cake or chocolate cake according to the instructions linked in the Ingredients section above.
2. Cool the baked cake in the refrigerator or freezer, until completely chilled throughout.
3. Start the candy coating. While the cake is chilling, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. Stop the microwave and stir frequently, every 10 - 15 seconds.
4. Once the white chocolate is melted, stir in food coloring if desired.
5. Brush the inside of the cake pop mold with white chocolate. Coat completely, then allow the chocolate to harden, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
6. Once the cake is cooled, begin assembly. Crumble the chilled cake finely into a large bowl.
7. Melt the dark chocolate chips. Add a tablespoon at a time, mixing completely before adding more. You only need enough to bind the cake crumbs together.
8. Add orange extract, if desired, to taste. Add a few drops at a time. A little goes a long way!
9. Fill the chocolate-coated molds with the the cake mixture, pressing firmly into the mold. Push a cake pop stick halfway through the bottom of each heart. Cover with a layer of white chocolate and chill completely.
10. Carefully remove each chilled cake pop from the mold. Serve and enjoy!